Second Place Finish at Pre Nationals

Team Pre Nationals Portland

Outstanding team performance at Pre Nationals nets second place.

Despite weather predictions for  cool-ish weather, the sun beat down on the Nike Pre-National XC course at Portland Meadows, just across the Columbia River from Vancouver.  The starting time of 2:35 was also the warmest part of the day and without any shade on the dry, dusty course, the girls had to endure Saharan conditions. The Roughrider lead pack of four paced one another patiently until the mile mark, at which time they started their push and incrementally put their competition behind them.  By the time they reached the second mile, they had gained so many places, it was clear they were not going to be denied.  No other team had such a relentlessly strong pack.   The second pack of Roughriders stayed tight and close behind the first. In one of the most memorable RHS XC team performances, the girls found themselves in second place behind perennial powerhouse, Eisenhower of Yakima.  Great day for the team. Congratulations girls!

5,000 Meters Division 1 Varsity
9 Olivia Mancl 19:32.56 ROOS 12
10 Hannah Swanson 19:34.02 ROOS 11
13 Grace Hodge 19:45.09 ROOS 12
31 Whitney Teagle 20:21.61 ROOS 11
83 Elise Stacy 21:15.89 ROOS 11
103 Mia Vanderwilt 21:34.49 ROOS 10
110 Kendall Sahl 21:43.26 ROOS 12

Amy and Helen also ran in a preliminary race and they turned in exceptional performances.  Nice work and congratulations to you both!

5,000 Meters FR/SO Junior Varsity
15 Amy Pelz 21:32.36 ROOS 10
17 Helen Schuda 21:39.45 ROOS 9

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