Details on Team Retreat: 8/31/15 – 9/02/15


DEADLINES: RSVP no later than 8/21; Permission form and payment due no later than 8/26.  See below for more details.

WHEN:  Departing Monday, August 31st, 2 nights, returning Wednesday, September 2nd

WHERE:  Camp Casey, Whidbey Island:

RETREAT DESCRIPTION:  The goal of the retreat is to promote bonding of team members in a scenic and relaxing location.  Retreat activities include running every day, instruction on proper training techniques and nutrition, and captain-led fun activities such as games, crafts, and campfire activities.  Freshmen and other girls new to the team are especially encouraged to attend.  The retreat is for girls only and is chaperoned at all times by Coach Donna and several parent volunteers.

TIME:  On Monday, the ferry departs Mukilteo at 1:30pm so girls should arrive no later than 1:00pm to purchase a ticket (or use your Orca card) and walk on.  We’ve reserved a bus to transport the girls from the Clinton ferry landing to Camp Casey.  On Wednesday, the bus will return the girls to the Clinton ferry landing for an 11:00am crossing.  Please plan on picking up your daughter at 11:30am on Wednesday at the Mukilteo ferry landing.

TRANSPORTATION TO/FROM MUKILTEO:  Due to district rules and policies, we are not allowed to organize or arrange carpools for students.  Athletes are encouraged to arrange their own rides with teammates.  One of the senior team captains has volunteered to take public bus transportation between Seattle and Mukilteo.  Any athlete who wishes to join her should contact one of the team captains asap.

RSVP REQUIRED:  If you plan to attend, please email the Parent Communications Volunteer no later than Friday, 8/21.

COST:  $125, checks payable to RHS.  Please give permission forms and checks to Coach Donna at practice on 8/24, 8/25, or 8/26.  See below regarding mailing in your check and permission form.

PERMISSION FORM:  Permission forms will be passed out at the first official practice on 8/24.  Signed forms and checks must be given to Coach Donna on 8/24, 8/25, or 8/26.  To obtain an electronic copy of the permission form so it can be submitted via U.S. mail, please contact one of the team captains or the Parent Communications Volunteer.

PACKING:  Packing list will be sent out one week before departure.

FOOD RESTRICTIONS:  Please send a note to Coach Donna if your daughter has dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant) so she can alert the camp kitchen. They’re very accommodating, but need to know by August 10th!


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