Annual Parent Meeting on 9/13

Roosevelt Girls XC Annual Parent Meeting with Frozen Treats

Date and Time:  Sunday, 9/13; 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Location:  Home of the Larson family

Description:  Let’s all celebrate the beginning of the RHS Girls XC season!  This annual meeting is a perfect opportunity for parents to get to know the coaches, the girls on the team, and their parents.  All parents and girls are invited.  Coach Donna will provide information about what to expect this season from your runner, their training, and team meets.  Learn about opportunities for parents to get more involved.

Frozen Treats:  Ice cream bars and fruit bars will be served.  We will be requesting donations to cover the cost of the treats.

“Pass the Hat”:  We will also “pass the hat” for financial contributions to the team’s RHS Booster Fund.  Funds are needed to help pay for assistant coaches, uniforms, team events, etc.  Please bring your checkbook if you would like to make a contribution.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Parking:  This will likely be a challenge as the house is located on a dead-end street and there is parking only on one side of the street.  Be prepared to park up to several blocks away or plan to carpool, bike, walk, etc.

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