2016 Roosevelt Girls XC – June 28


  • 13537767_10209904861073247_8351007248061974778_nSummer Practices: All runners are strongly encouraged to attend pre-season practices starting on Monday, July 11 8:30am, at Cowen Park. Athletes should meet on Brooklyn Ave NE by the bench on the west side of the park. Practices will be held M-F at this time and location. They are informal and fun.  Running over the summer is important for successful performance in the fall. Bring a water bottle and a friend.
  • Team Retreat: The retreat is scheduled for Monday, 8/29, through Wednesday, 8/31, at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island.  It is organized by the team captains, promotes team bonding, and is a lot of fun.
  • New Participation Policy Form & RHS Athletics Forms Due No Later than 8/22: A separate post will come soon with important details on this matter. You can begin submitting your forms on 8/15.
  • Team Google Group Email List: All athletes and parents should be subscribed to this group so they can receive important team communications. To be added to the group, please ask athletes to contact one of the team captains or email Cynthia West Setel at west.cynthia@yahoo.com.
  • Facebook Group: A Facebook group is used by athletes for important communication between athletes and captains. Each athlete should have a Facebook account so they can receive these communications. They should send a request to join the group from their Facebook account. This is a closed site for the athletes only, not parents or outside members.
  • Official Practices: These will begin on Monday, 8/22, 4:30pm to 6:00pm, at the RHS track. Practices will be held M-F at this time and location. 10 official practices are required before an athlete is allowed to participate in a meet.
  • Iron Deficiency: It is very common for distance runners to have an iron deficiency; growing bodies, menstruation & an inconsistent diet can often lead to anemia. Symptoms include a general feeling of fatigue, paleness & not having any energy. A simple blood test can determine if ferrous levels are low. Recovery time can be from 6 weeks to 3 months. A low dose ferrous iron supplement of 20 mg can be tolerated by most people & vitamin C will also help the body absorb iron. Check with your doctor or http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/
  • Enjoy your summer!

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