Rider Runners WIN at first meet of the season!

68 young women competed on a beautiful sunny day at Lower Woodland. Thanks to the families who provided snacks and chocolate milk.

Results can be found on www.athletic.net.

Paper copies of our schedule are available in my office. Ask your daughter to pick one up.


Wednesday, Sept. 21st                 Lincoln Park, West Seattle          1 race at   4:10 PM

Buses leave RHS at 1:10 PM, return at 6 PM.


Saturday, Sept. 24th

Bellevue Invitational, Lake Sammamish State Park. Transportation is on your own.

MOST of the team is entered in the OPEN event at 9:30 AM. Please arrive no later than 8:30 to warm-up, see the course and put your race number on your singlet. Coaches Sara and Lindsay will have the tent set up; look for it when you arrive.

JV Race at 11:30 AM. Athletes registered are:

Grace Harmon                  Harriet Wright                      Jo Synovec

Lucy Wood                        Kendall Barton                    Perry Pitcher

Emmie Loper


Varsity team travels to Portland for the Nike Invitational.

Athletes registered are:

Jane Barr                            Anna Larson                        Asa Selenis

Natalie Kauper                  Maddie West                        Sophia O’Hara

Isabella Glenn                   Sammie Cohen                   Connie Bernard

Dani Lockert                      Genevieve Symons


The transportation issue has come up in numerous emails and discussions with our athletes. When the School Board voted to change the start time for high schools, they neglected to address the athletic start times and the impact it would have on early dismissals. I’ve talked to our athletic director and at this point, we can’t change the situation. It’s distressing to me as a coach and parent to ask students to miss classes. I requested a 2:15 bus and each week, it’s changed to 1:00to accommodate the elementary school schedule. The girls miss out on the camaraderie of riding the bus together.

I understand your frustration. Please know that I continue to work on the issue and make changes for 2017.

Coach Donna

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